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We’re so excited to tell stories you haven’t heard yet, histories that haven’t been relayed yet, and an exploration of South Asian cuisine that goes beyond the bounds of Westernized eateries around you. Join us in this bi-coastal exploration of South Asia through recipes we grew up with! 

This project hopes to uncover the history and representations that have colonized the identity of being desi. Its time to break away from the homogeneity of the way desi food is represented as (we’re more than samosas and chicken tikka masala!). To really showcase how diverse and intersectional our history is, we want to explore and amplify those narratives around these issues from south asian countries, Fiji, Guyana, Carribeans, Mauritius, etc to redefine the borders that try to constrain this identity.

Hello! My name is Misha and I currently reside in California (23). An engineer in the process, cooking is a stress reliever that quickly became a hobby. I can’t thank my mom enough for the conversations we constantly had about food since we immigrated here when I was 5. Whether it was the nutrition of ingredients, the history of that particular dish and its many adaptations, or in ways it was influential in the culture it contributed to. For me, this blog is pieces of that past: grappling with culture shocks and powerful reclamations to celebrate for the future. Western discourse constantly tries to observe our food but leaves the many dimensions that food added to our lives. On a personal note and challenge, I’m trying to update the palette I’ve acquired to a diet that is helpful towards my hypothyroid. I hope you all find both aspects helpful! 

We would love to see your creations and what you’ve learned! And if you’re a fellow desi looking to vent about those #diasporicfeels, we’d love that too! Tag us at #abcdswaad We’re also always looking to expand the narratives found within the desi spaces, contact us to become a contributor if this interests you. 🙂